Our Team


We realize the importance of choosing a doctor for your family. That’s why we take the time to get to know you. Here's a little bit about us.


Dr. Robert Skinner

A native of Olive Branch, MS, Dr. Skinner has practiced in DeSoto County since 2001. 他在密西西比学院获得本科学位,并于1998年在堪萨斯城大学医学院完成医学院学业. 他于2001年通过密西西比大学家庭医学住院医师项目完成住院医师,在那里他还担任总住院医师. Board Certified in Family Medicine, Dr. Skinner co-founded Family Medical Clinic of North Mississippi in 2003. 长期致力于心血管疾病的预防和治疗,他于2011年成立了心脏病发作和中风预防中心. Dr. Skinner has completed a Masters course in Clinical Lipidology, 并完成了预防心脏病发作的贝尔/多宁方法的学徒计划, ischemic strokes and diabetes.

Dr. Rachel Richardson

Dr. 理查森是一名经过委员会认证的内科和儿科医生. 她毕业于三角洲州立大学,然后于2010年在堪萨斯城医学院完成学业. She finished Med-Peds residency at UT Memphis in 2014, where she served as co-chief resident her final year. She and her husband Clark have 3 children, Zoe, Louise and Davis. They are actively involved at Longview Heights Baptist Church. 在她的业余时间,她喜欢烹饪,阅读和花时间与她的家人.

Dr. Amy R. Woods

Dr. Woods is a native of Olive Branch. 她在三角洲州立大学完成了本科学业,随后在密西西比大学医学中心医学院完成了学业. After completing an Internal Medicine residency, Dr. Woods served an additional year as a Chief Resident at UMMC. She was voted as Intern of the Year, Resident of the Year, and House Officer of the Year during her training. 她是美国医师学会的会员,并曾担任ACP的MS分会和MS州医学协会的多个职位. Dr. Woods enjoys gardening, reading, and travel. She is married to Patrick Woods and they have 3 children.

In Memoriam – JERRY C. MCLARTY, FNP (May 14, 1968 – May 29, 2022)

作为橄榄枝地区的本地人,杰里自1998年以来一直在德索托县执业. He graduated from Baptist Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in 1991, received his BSN from Union University in 1994, and a Master of Science in Nursing, FNP, from Delta State University in 1998. He is Board Certified by the ANCC. Jerry在急诊医学方面拥有丰富的护理管理经验,自1998年以来一直担任执业护士. Jerry and his wife Julie attend Central Church in Memphis. In his spare time, Jerry enjoys hunting and spending time with his family.


Nicole Payne, FNP

A native of the Mississippi Delta, 自2007年以来,Nicole Payne一直在Desoto县担任家庭护士执业者. 她于2004年获得Delta州立大学护理学学士学位,并于2007年完成密西西比女子大学护理学硕士学位. 她通过美国护士资格认证中心获得家庭护士执业资格认证. 妮可的热情是预防医学以及慢性疾病管理. 她已经完成了预防心脏病发作的贝尔/多宁方法的指导, ischemic strokes, and diabetes and attends yearly symposiums on family practice issues. 妮可是密西西比州护士协会和德索托县地区护士执业协会的成员.  她也是橄榄枝的朗维尤高地浸信会的活跃成员, MS and is a 2015 graduate of Leadership Desoto. During her spare time, Nicole enjoys traveling.


Shone Cook, FNP

肖尼是土生土长的密西西比人,出生在亚祖城,在密西西比州的杰克逊长大. He graduated from the University of Mississippi, Cum Laude, in 1996. 肖尼还在美国海军服役了4年,并光荣退役. 他参加了三角洲州立大学的家庭护士执业计划,以全班第一名的成绩完成,并获得了美国护士资格认证中心的家庭护士执业资格认证. Shone is fluent in both English and Spanish. 他还通过了剑桥大学的认证,以教授英语作为外语. He is a member of the Sigma Theta Tau international honor society. His experience includes family practice, oncology and pediatrics. Shone is married to Susana and they have two children, Sean and Luke. They reside in Olive Branch.


Samantha Vickrey, FNP

萨曼莎是田纳西州日耳曼敦人,自2015年以来一直是一名家庭护士. 她于2012年毕业于田纳西大学诺克斯维尔分校,获得护理学士学位. She then moved home to the Memphis area and worked as a med-surg nurse at St. Francis Hospital. 她于2015年获得范德比尔特大学护理学硕士学位,此后一直从事家庭医学工作. She is board certified though the AANP. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling. She also enjoys watching SEC football and is a huge Memphis Grizzlies fan.

Lauren Vanderburg, FNP

作为MS橄榄枝的本地人,劳伦自2017年以来一直是一名家庭护士. 她于2011年毕业于浸信会健康科学学院,获得护理学士学位,并在孟菲斯浸信会纪念医院担任急诊室护士. 她于2017年获得孟菲斯大学护士硕士学位. Lauren is board certified through the AANP. She is married to Justin and they have one son, Grayson. In their spare time, they love cheering for the Ole Miss Rebels.

Jennifer Warren, FNP

詹妮弗是德克萨斯州人,自2012年以来一直在德索托县从事家庭护士执业工作. 她于2008年毕业于浸会健康科学学院,获得护理学学士学位. 之后,她作为一名劳动和分娩方面的注册护士执业,并照顾高危怀孕的母亲. 她继续攻读家庭护士执业学位,并于2012年获得孟菲斯大学护理学硕士学位. Jennifer is board certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, is a member of the Mississippi Nurses Association, 并被美国顶级护士认可为顶级家庭护士执业者. 她热衷于慢性病管理、预防医学和妇女健康. 詹妮弗是德索托山浸信会的活跃成员,并已嫁给她的丈夫, Tray, for almost 19 years. They have 4 children, Connor, Adalyn, Emerson, and Hadley Kate. 在她的业余时间,詹妮弗喜欢跑步和指导其他即将到来的护士从业者.

Shannon Vinson, FNP

香农毕业于孟菲斯大学,获得护理学学士学位. 在2016年获得桑福德大学护理学硕士学位之前,她曾担任急诊科注册护士. 她继续在急诊科作为家庭执业护士工作,并最终发现她的激情是慢性护理管理. She has been practicing in primary care since 2018. 香农和她的丈夫克雷格以及三个孩子住在橄榄枝村:Oakleigh, Blair和Hayes. She enjoys gardening, boating at the lake, and spending time with her family.